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We Are Located at 844 East Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89104, Telephone: 702-731-9222, FAX: 702-731-9181.


Although our street address says "Sahara Avenue," our building is actually on a small cul de sac type street coming off Sahara.

We are near the intersection of Maryland Parkway and Sahara. We are across the street from the Commercial Center Shopping Center.

We are approximately halfway between Maryland Parkway and Paradise, on Sahara.

We are on the north side of Sahara Avenue. You will see on Sahara Avenue, at this location, the following businesses: Tower of Jewels (formerly Bertha's Furniture); Christensen's Jewelers; and Statewide Lighting.

If you will turn into the cul de sace street between the Church of Scientology building and State Wide Lighting, the first thing you will see on your right is a large, gray, two-story office building with the name of our law firm prominently displayed.

There is ample parking right in front of the building for our clients.

There is wheel chair access on the south side of the building.

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Office hours & fees

Our office is generally open 8:30 to 5:00 p.m. on every normal business day.

Our office is closed on holidays that are recognized by both the state and federal court system.

If a client cannot come in to see us during the normal business hours, we are happy to accommodate them in any way reasonably possible. We will, if needed, come early or stay late to see clients. We will see clients on Saturdays.

If the client is unable to come to the office because of transportation or physical limitations, we will be happy to send someone to give the client a ride to the office; or if preferred, make a "house call."

If you call to speak to a specific attorney and he is not available when you call, we welcome the idea of "phone appointments." This is where the attorney's secretary will note a specific day and time when the attorney will call you at a designated phone number. In this way, "telephone tag" can be avoided.

In the vast majority of cases, we represent the clients on a "contingent fee" basis. This means that we take a percentage of the expected recovery. We do not receive any funds unless the client receives a settlement or judgment.

No settlement is made without the client first giving express permission. The client will be informed of how much he or she will "clear" before any settlement is made. In other words, the client is fully informed as to what he or she is going to "clear" from the settlement before we enter into any agreements.

As the client will find out if he or she checks around, virtually every lawyer in Southern Nevada charges essentially the same fee percentages on personal injury cases (typically one-third of the case is resolved without substantial litigation; 40% if trial or substantial litigation is involved.) Our fee percentages are essentially the same as everyone else. We do not "play games" with the cost aspect of the fee agreement. Everything is laid out, in writing, and itemized, for the client, before he or she signs any settlement documents. It is our policy that we never take more fee money out of any settlement than what the client gets. Or to put it another way, the client receives more money from a settlement than we will receive in fees. In over 17 years of practice, we have not violated this principal.

When essentially all personal injuries are charging the same fee percentage, the prudent client should try to choose the law firm that will give the best service, and provide the most value. We believe that our firm provides the customer/client with superior value for his/her fee dollar. We do not take short cuts with "legal assistants," or try to run a volume "mill" business by settling without litigation most every claim. We do not spend large sums of money on television and bill boards advertising, and make up the difference by "cutting corners" on service by having legal assistants and secretaries do the work that should be done by attorneys.

In motor vehicle cases, we handle, free of charge, the car damage aspect of the case. (Other law firms typically make the client handle that important aspect of the case themselves. We believe that that is inappropriate.)