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In 1983, two then young graduates of the University of Southern California Law Center (one of the top law schools in the country) decided to form their own partnership. The law firm of BURRIS & THOMAS was born. Later a partner changed and the law firm became THOMAS & SPRINGBERG.

Their idea for the law firm was to specialize in only personal injury cases. But they decided to build the practice the "old fashioned way." The decided that they did not want to join the circus of attorneys who were then beginning to advertise heavily on television and on billboards. They were convinced that if they did a good job for their clients, eventually word would spread and their business would prosper.

They also decided that they would stay away from taking frivolous claims. Although many lawyers would file frivolous lawsuits, just to get a "nuisance value" payout, the law firm of THOMAS & SPRINGBERG believed that this tactic only brought disrepute to the legal profession, and would damage the chances of their clients receiving optimum settlements or judgment (if the judge or insurance company knew that they engaged in such tactics.)

Slowly but surely, the business prospered. Because they did not have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising, they were able to devote more resources to helping clients with their cases. As business has increased, the law firm has grown steadily over the years. They now employ four full-time attorneys, three full-time college degreed paralegals (including a registered nurse), and a full-time investigator. They purchased and remodeled an 8,200 square foot office building in 1995. Our firm has the highest rating possible from Martindale-Hubbell.

Another part of the philosophy of THOMAS & Springberg is that clients deserve to have attorneys, not legal assistants, handle their files. The law firm of THOMAS & SPRINGBERG does have quality attorneys handling each and every file.